Meaningful Mexico A Journey Like No Other!
Cultural Activities

We offer a variety of enticing cultural activities to complement your artistic endeavors in San Miguel. Activities can be scheduled in the mornings or evenings so they don’t conflict with your workshops. You may design your trip around our cultural and outdoor activities and skip the workshops altogether. The wide range of options will surely keep you entertained with culture, adventure, and exploration.

Museum Tours

Guided tours of San Miguel’s most important museums.

Gallery Tours

Guided tours of San Miguel’s galleries, which includes a selection of galleries downtown. Depending on your taste and interest in art, we’ll select five to seven galleries from the more than twenty galleries in downtown San Miguel. Another tour that is a favorite of many is a visit to the Art & Design Center La Aurora.

Art Walk

Once a month La Aurora celebrates art & design by holding an art walk of more than fifty galleries, art studios, and a variety of decorative furniture and interior design stores. Many galleries organize collective openings offering wine and refreshments to visitors. Our tour provides transportation to La Aurora as well as an opportunity to meet the artists and gallery owners.

Walking Tours

We offer a variety of walks of the downtown area of San Miguel. During the walks our guide provides a quick overview of the history and architecture of that specific area and stops in cafes, galleries, and boutiques to get you better acquaint with San Miguel. Map and written material provided.

House & Garden Tours

Every Sunday we offer a house tour featuring several exquisite colonial homes typical to San Miguel. Be ready to be awed by the amazing architecture, gardens, and interior design.


The ancient steam herb bath was a common practice by the Aztecs, Zapotecs, Mixtecs, Mayans, and other indigenous groups as a therapeutic treatment and purifying ritual to cleanse the mind, body, and spirit. We offer a traditional temazcal or provide the temazcal experience as part of your spa package.

Latin Dance (Salsa, Merengue, Cha-cha-cha, Tango, Ballroom)

Have you always wanted to dance but felt clumsy on the dance floor? Here’s you opportunity to learn to move with style and grace. Classes take place in a dance studio with qualified instructors. From day one you will learn the three basic steps that make up all social dances. Once you learn the basic steps you will unlock the mystery of all dance styles and be able to learn new dances with ease. Included are private lessons, group classes and practice sessions.

Belly Dancing

Exercise while learning to move your hips and belly to the rhythms of Middle East and Mediterranean. All levels are welcomed. Classes in belly basic, belly dance for boomers and beyond, and belly dance intermediate & advance levels.

Wine Tasting

Discover the richness of Mexican wines by sampling wines from different regions. Although Mexican wines are less well known internationally than Chilean or Argentinean wines, Mexico has a vast wine country. A sommelier from the region will delight your palate with a variety of Mexican wines and appetizers while describing their distinctive properties.

Wine Tasting Tour

There are three boutique vineyards in the State of Guanajuato located near San Miguel. The tour includes a visit to one, two or three of the vineyards with a complete explanation of the region’s soil properties, grapes, and the winemaking process. Included is a sampling of their wines and gourmet appetizers to accompany the wine tasting experience. For an extra charge, lunch can be included at any of the three wine estates. Tour includes transportation.

Tequila Tasting Tour

Everybody has tasted tequila either in a Margarita or straight up but do you know where it comes from? How long it takes to mature and ferment? What is the distillation process? Not far from San Miguel, in the state of Guanajuato is an old hacienda that produces high quality tequila exported all over the world. The tour includes transportation to the facility and a guided visit through their installations where you will learn the tequila making process and sample various tequilas. By the end of the tour you’ll know how to distinguish between fine tequila and ordinary tequilas.

Cantina Hopping

There are more than ten cantinas in San Miguel. Contrary to bars, cantinas have a traditional Mexican flavor that attract the locals and are known for having the best botanas (appetizers) in town. Cantinas were originally men only since they were considered a macho’s hangout. Over time this has changed and women are now welcomed to these local hangouts. We’ll take you to the best cantinas in town, tell you their legends and introduce you to the locals. Depending on your mood, we can visit a few or all ten.

Mariachi Serenade

Whether you want to serenade your wife on your anniversary, your girlfriend on her birthday or just because, we’ll make the arrangements for a memorable experience. The mariachis can serenade you at your hotel, a restaurant or any other venue of your choice. We can also recommend some ballads for the occasion.

Cultural Events

Upon your arrival to San Miguel you will receive a Meaningful Mexico brochure with the week’s events. We can book any event for you to save you time.

Other Activities

If we excluded or neglected to offer you any other services or activities of interest, please let us know. We’re always open to suggestions.