Meaningful Mexico A Journey Like No Other!
Other Activities

In addition to our Cultural Activities and Outdoor Activities, we also offer a variety of other fun activities that will prove to be rewarding as well. Family and friends accompanying you on this trip are encouraged to participate in these activities and enjoy them on their own or in your company.


Interested in playing bridge, improving you game or learning to play this complex game? We can arrange for you to participate in club games or higher-rated events. We offer private classes for experienced players and private or group classes for beginners. Learn the basics such as bidding, using the two over one system, and play of the hand & defense. Included is a book that will help you strengthen your game.


When traveling there is nothing more soothing than treating oneself to a massage or body treatments. We can arrange your reservation to any of these corporal delights:

Massage: Hot Stone, Aromatherapy, Thai, Four Hand, Swedish, Deep Tissue

Body Treatments: Exfoliation, Detox Herbal Wrap, Cacao Wrap Touch Therapies: Reflexology, Reiki, and Healing Herbal Therapy


San Miguel is a shopper’s paradise as it has it all! From trendy clothing boutiques, fashionable custom jewelry stores, art & design galleries, antiques, to fine folk art and indigenous handmade souvenirs sold in the Mercado. We can offer you advice on where to find what you are looking for at the best prices.


There are many NGOs and non-profit organizations that collaborate with Meaningful Mexico. There is one in particular we work with that provides indigenous children in the rural community of San Miguel Viejo an opportunity to explore their potential through art, music and literacy programs. They also teach these youngsters the cooperative business model and other valuable skills they can use when they reach adulthood. You may volunteer some of your free time by sharing your talents, wisdom, and kindness with these children or choose from a variety of other NGOs.

Other Activities

If we excluded or neglected to offer you any other services or activities of interest, please let us know. We are always open to suggestions and are eager to improve our services.

Photography Album

All smart phones have cameras, however, if you would like a special remembrance of your trip to San Miguel, we have a talented photographer that will capture the special moments of your trip with the perfect light, the most appropriate angle and great locations and you don’t have to worry about who’s taking the picture or if they will be good enough to post. At the end of your trip you will receive a CD or a memory stick with your photographs so you can download them to your computer and share them with family and friends.