Meaningful Mexico A Journey Like No Other!
Weekend Activities

Our wide range of weekend activities will complement your exploration of Mexico and provide you with a weekend filled with discovery, leisure, and enjoyment. A Meaning Mexico guide will accompany you on most these sites and furnish you with delightful insights filled with historical and cultural information. You will also have lots of free time to explore these towns on your own and discover your own favorite spots.

Weekend activities include:
• Comfortable transportation from San Miguel to your destination.
• 2 night deluxe accommodations with breakfast included.
• A tour guide to cultural venues.
• Entrance fees to museums, archeological sites, and parks.
• Comfortable transportation to the airport on your departure date.

Atotonilco & Mineral de Pozos



A UNESCO world heritage site, Atotonilco is a peaceful and picturesque village located about twenty miles from San Miguel de Allende. Atotonilco is the home of one of the most important shrines in Mexico, El Santuario de Atotonilco (The Sanctuary of Atotonilco). Pilgrims from all over the country come to pray and meditate in this church, which dates back to 1740. The church was recently restored and the colorful baroque-style frescoes painted by the local Indian artist Miguel Antonio Martinez de Pocasangre were brought back to life. The sanctuary also has a long historical importance as it was in this small church that Padre Hidalgo led his army of insurrectionists and began the fight for independence from Spain on September 16, 1810. Outside the church is a sleepy town that comes to life on Sundays with a lively street market. In the market you will find rare souvenirs and a great variety of religious artifacts.



One hour away from San Miguel, the mysterious town of Pozos is a relic of a once booming mining town. Magic and mysticism come to life in this desolate place where it seems time has stood still allowing the visitor to wonder back in time. The semi-demolished buildings made from adobe, rock, and mesquite incite the imagination to travel in time to the early 1900's when this town was rich and prosperous due to the abundance of minerals and mining activity. The tree-filled mountains in the background provide breathtaking views that make this town a hidden gem.

Weekend activities include:




Nestled in the highlands of the Sierra Madre Mountains, Guanajuato is a magical town with imposing churches, haciendas, theaters, winding alleyways and mysterious undergrounds tunnels. This beautiful colonial city oozes history, culture and charm. It became one of the most important cities during colonial times due to its abundant deposits of gold and silver. Much of the gold went to Spain, however, some was destined to adorn the altars of its majestic churches. The city soon became one of the richest and most opulent in New Spain in 18th century. This wealth is now reflected in its colonial church facades and altars, which includes some of the best examples of Baroque and Churrigueresque architecture of the New World. Today one can still marvel at these treasures and enjoy the wonders of this grand yet unassuming city.

Weekend activities include:

Wine Tour & Natural Hot Springs



Rancho Pepe Nacho is situated in an area where Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the father of Mexican Independence, once harvested and defended the cultivation of grapes. This winemaking tradition in this area was lost until two centuries ago when it was resurrected in Rancho Pepe Nacho. Using eco-friendly techniques, this boutique vineyard of 9 hectares cultivates Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Franc grapes. The wines from this vineyard were designated to commemorate the bicentennial in 2010.



Significant volcanic activity in this region's past formed auriferous layers deep within the earth, which in turn created abundant hot springs. These warm waters with temperature between 35 and 45 C (95F) have therapeutic properties that sooth and relax the muscles and have been recognized to restore people's health. In addition to their therapeutic properties, lush green gardens, colorful butterflies and majestic birds surround these beautiful thermal water parks. Your body will relax, your mind will unwind and your spirit will be soothed as it's immersed in the beauty and freshness of this oasis.

Weekend activities include:

Relaxation Retreat in a Boutique Resort & Spa



Leave your stress and worries behind and renew your spirit in a 450 year-old ex-hacienda tucked away in a small colonial town in the heart of Mexico. Step back in time and experience the elegance of another era in a space filled with romance, tranquility, and charm. With its original colonial architecture and lush beautiful gardens overlooking the Sierra Madre Mountains, this hacienda is breathtaking. The luxurious suites include a living room, a large bedroom with king bed, as well as a bathroom with a large bathtub and a separate shower. You will have the choice of going horseback riding, taking a stroll around town, mountain bicycling, or spend the mornings idling by the pool. The spa treatments include regular or deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, reflexology, cupping therapy, and several types of facials. The hacienda's spa is run by a cooperative of women from the local village who take extreme pride in their work. This sanctuary will provide you with the peace, relaxation, and the pampering you need to distress your mind and body, and invigorate your spirit.

Weekend activities include:

Teotihuacan Pyramids and Mexico City



No visit to Mexico City is complete without a visit to the Teotihuacán pyramids. Declared by UNESCO a world heritage site, this archeological treasure is one of the largest and most spectacular in the world. Dating back to 200 BC, this city was built as a religious center but soon became a center of commerce and home of famous potters, jewelers and craftsmen. When the city reached its peak in 450AD it had a population of over 150,000 people and was the largest city in the Pre-Colombian Americas and the center of the most powerful civilization who's influence extended throughout Mesoamerica. Today it's the most visited archeological site in Latin America and a bridge to understanding Mexico today.

Mexico City


Mexico City is the 3rd largest city in the world with over 21 million inhabitants. It's an energetic and densely populated city with astonishing cultural and historical landmarks. It is impossible to get to know this large city in a day or two, however, this visit will provide you with a comprehensive overview of its downtown and its most impressive architecture and important cultural centers. We will visit Bellas Artes (the Palace of Fine Arts), the Zocalo, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Aztec Ruins, and Diego Rivera's murals in the National Palace. If time permits, a visit to Frida Kahlo's home and studio.

Weekend activities include: